Lakeland Building Envelope Consulting & Inspections

Structura View is a trusted building envelope consulting and testing group, providing a range of services including QAO, roof inspections, moisture mapping, and aerial inspection services in the Lakeland, Florida area.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Building’s Roof & Facade

As certified RRO building envelope consultants, Structura View is your partner in Lakeland and the surrounding area for comprehensive building envelope and commercial roof inspections. Whether it’s routine maintenance or pre-storm assessments, our team delivers timely and thorough property scans to empower our clients with crucial data for financial decision-making.

Utilizing cutting-edge testing technology, including both physical on-roof and aerial inspections, we provide detailed reports that are easy to interpret. These insights allow stakeholders to optimize operations and reduce operating costs while ensuring the longevity of their commercial properties. Trust Structura View for informed choices and extended property lifespans.

Providing Insights Since 2015

From the Panhandle to Miami, Structura View proudly serves the Lakeland area and all of Florida with a comprehensive suite of building envelope and commercial roof testing, inspection, and consulting services.

Since our beginning in 2015, our consulting and inspection services have been instrumental in providing property owners, managers, corporations, roofing contractors, manufacturers, and insurance providers with visibility into the integrity of roofs and walls.

By extending the lifespan of commercial properties and delivering unbiased building envelope and roof inspections, we have consistently saved our clients money and ensured their peace of mind. Trust Structura View for expert solutions tailored to your needs, no matter where you are in Florida.

How Our Clients Use Our Services

Service Usage Roof Wall
Identify moisture in the roof system X  
Ensure roof construction is completed to specs X  
Determine if roof is eligible for roof-over X  
Find leaks in the roof system X  
Find failures in roof membranes X  
Locate compromised flashings and penetrations X  
Identify areas with ponding water X  
Study hail damage to mechanical equipment X  
Identify wind uplift/ wrinkle patterns in single-ply roof membranes X  
Quality assurance for construction projects X  
Contruction progress photography X X
Documentation for insurance claims X X
Maintain warranty compliance X X
Due diligence inspections X X
Accessments for buying & selling properties X X
Preventative maintenance X X
Routine inspection programs X X
Budget planning X X
Locate debris build-up & vegetation growth X X
Identify failures in exterior walls & windows X
Identify suspected moisture intrusion in walls X
Inspect sealant & grout condition X
Locate bulging stucco X
Locate concrete spalling X
Find hairline cracks and openings X
Assess window conditions X

Lakeland Area Roof Testing,
Inspection & Consulting Services


Moisture mapping created from thermal imaging, Image captured by Structura View.

Moisture mapping created from thermal imaging, Image captured by Structura View.

Providing You expertise in Roof Testing & Inspection Service that assesses, monitors, and addresses roofing concerns. Here is the range of services we provide:

  • RRO & Quality Assurance Observation (QAO) services
  • Moisture mapping & surveys for roofs and facades
  • Routine inspection programs
  • Roof condition assessments
  • High-resolution drone inspection imaging
  • Leak detection testing
  • Detailed roof condition reports & analysis
  • Full access to all photography & videos taken

RRO & QAO Consulting Services
in the Lakeland Area

Structura View’s team of certified Registered Roof Observers (RRO) specialize in overseeing and reporting on the installation of commercial roofing projects.

As certified RRO professionals, we excel in a variety of tasks essential for ensuring the success and integrity of roofing endeavors:

  • Quality Assurance: Utilizing cutting-edge visual and thermal drone imaging technology, as well as physical on-roof inspections, we verify that roofing and enclosure construction projects adhere to specified design and construction requirements.
  • Inspections: Conduct comprehensive assessments of roofing systems, reporting on-field conditions, or collaborating directly to evaluate their condition and identify potential issues.
  • Reports: Prepare detailed reports on the condition of existing roofs or the progress of ongoing roofing projects.
  • Compliance: Structura View ensures that all roofing work complies with industry standards, building codes, and project specifications, providing clients with peace of mind and confidence in project outcomes.
  • Consultation: We offer expert advice on roofing-related matters to clients, contractors, and other stakeholders, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in the field.
  • Document Construction Progress: Keep a detailed record of each construction phase, including milestones, material installations, and quality checks, ensuring transparency and comprehensive project documentation.
  • Unbiased Third-Party Representation: By involving an independent third party, Structura View ensures fairness and impartiality in decision-making, fostering trust and integrity throughout the project.

The RRO certification is a recognized standard in the roofing industry and signifies a commitment to professionalism and high standards in roof consulting and observation.

Registered Roof Observer (RRO) and Quality Assurance Observation services,
video captured by Structura View.

Lakeland Area
Moisture Mapping Surveys for Roofs & Facades

Moisture Mapping in St Pete on Roof

Tampa Area Moisture Mapping Surveys for Roofs & Facades, Image Captured by Structura View

Roof moisture mapping and testing are invaluable tools for identifying water damage within roofing systems. By visually mapping out the extent of moisture infiltration, these techniques provide crucial evidence for insurance claims processes, aiding in the detection of elusive leaks and pinpointing areas of excess moisture.

Moisture mapping plays a pivotal role in assessing the overall condition of a roof, helping property owners and stakeholders determine its serviceability and the necessary course of action for maintenance or repairs. Trust in roof moisture mapping and testing to safeguard the integrity of your roofing system and ensure optimal performance for years to come.

On-Roof Cross-Validation Testing

At Structura View, our team pulls from a comprehensive knowledge base dedicated to providing top-notch moisture mapping services for commercial real estate properties in Lakeland and its surrounding areas.

What sets us apart is our innovative on-roof, cross-validation process, a distinctive approach within the industry. The outcome is a highly accurate report in an easy-to-read visual format indicating where moisture is present within the roof composition.

Structura View’s on-roof, cross-validation for commercial buildings include:

  • Moisture probe testing
  • Electrical resistance testing
  • Moisture meter/ electrical capacitance testing
  • Nuclear testing
  • Thermal & visual imaging
  • Core Samples
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Physical markings of damaged areas
  • Testing of all roof layers
  • Forensic analysis

On-roof validation with impedance testing, image captured by Structura View

The comprehensive data you get provides invaluable insights into the underlying condition of your roof. With this information, you can navigate the decision-making process when it comes to selecting the most appropriate course of action for your roof. Whether it’s opting for repairs, remediation, a roof-over, coating, or a complete replacement, our data-driven approach ensures that you make informed decisions tailored to your specific needs and circumstances

Leak Detection using Thermal Imagery

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Discover the true condition of your roof with Structura View’s moisture mapping survey, customized for your commercial real estate portfolio in the Lakeland area. Take the first step towards proactive roof management by scheduling a free consultation and quote with us.

 Routine Inspection Programs

roof inspections

We specialize in helping Lakeland property owners safeguard their investments through our routine inspection programs. By investing in regular building envelope and roof inspections, you can prolong the lifespan of your roof, prevent costly repairs, and maintain property values.

Our comprehensive inspections identify potential problems early on, allowing you to address them before they escalate into more significant issues. With our assistance, you can budget for necessary repairs or upgrades and avoid unexpected expenses.

Contact us today to get started with a routine inspection program tailored to your needs.

8 Steps to Launch Your Routine Inspection Program: Your Roof Maintenance Roadmap

Are you ready to implement a routine inspection and maintenance program for your roof? Dive into these 8 essential steps to kickstart the process and ensure the longevity of your roofing system. Our video offers practical, easty-to-follow maintenance suggestions and expert tips to help you get started on the right foot.

Watch our informative video and start your proactive roof care today.

Drone Inspection imaging


Visual and thermal drone inspections offer a non-destructive solution for diagnosing your building’s exterior condition. Our commercial drone inspections encompass both the facade and roof, making them ideal for large and complex structures in the Lakeland area.

Our drone thermal inspections and aerial services provide access to hard-to-reach areas, capturing high-resolution images and videos.

This data enables rapid assessment of building envelope issues, aiding in effective problem-solving strategies.

Drone Visual Inspection Videos

Internal aerial inspection in a high-risk area, video captured by Structura View.

Visual aerial inspection that reveals several obvious and easy-to-fix problems,
video captured by Structura View

Drone Thermal Inspection Videos

Highlights of an on-demand aerial thermal inspection showing a partial roof failure, video captured by Structura View.

Developing moisture intrusions on one of the roof sections in a large industrial facility, video captured by Structura View.


Leak Detection

Moisture Mapping Tools

Structura View utilizes an array of tools and technologies for leak detection and testing services. Each tool is chosen for its distinct capabilities and strengths, guaranteeing comprehensive solutions tailored to your precise needs and scenarios.

Below are some of the tools and technologies we use for our leak detection and testing services. 

  • Aerial visual imaging: High-resolution close-up and wide-angle photography
  • Aerial thermal imaging & videos
  • Segmented panoramic high-resolution visual images
  • Segmented panoramic thermal images
  • Electrical capacitance/ impedance testing
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Nuclear density gauge scanners
  • Electrical resistance testing with moisture probes
  • Core sampling

Detailed Roof Condition Reports & Analysis

Roof Condition Reports

Structura View’s roof condition reports offer a thorough analysis of your building’s issues. Through diverse inspection methods, we identify moisture locations, pinpoint leak sources, and provide detailed documentation.

With this data, property owners, managers, and roofing professionals can make informed decisions. Whether it’s assessing the need for further evaluation, compliance checks, or maintenance planning.

These comprehensive reports are valuable assets for commercial property maintenance, facilitating informed maintenance and planning decisions.

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Wall & Façade Inspection Services


Cracks in facade, Image captured by Structura View.

Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), our inspectors gain access to hard-to-reach areas, capturing detailed images and videos. The integration of visual and thermal drone technology allows for thorough evaluations of construction issues and potential solutions.

Our wall and building façade inspection services encompass high-resolution aerial visual and thermal imaging, comprehensive reports and analysis of wall conditions, and access to all imagery and footage captured during the inspection process.

High-Resolution Aerial Visual &
Thermal Imaging for Walls & Facades

Through aerial inspections, we capture high-resolution photographs and videos of your building’s wall and façade, meticulously reviewing each image for potential issues such as moisture intrusion, sealant and wall cracks, bulging or bowing, and biological growth.

Thermal videos are reviewed for suspected moisture intrusions, and visual images are examined for cracks and visible signs of damage. Clients receive a comprehensive façade condition report detailing our findings.

View the short video clip below for an example of images captured during a wall and façade scan.

Example clips of thermal and visual facade investigations, video captured by Structura View.

Comprehensive Wall & Façade Condition Reports

Wall and Facade Analysis Reports

Structura View believes visual representation is the key to understanding your property’s condition. That’s why our comprehensive façade reports provide a detailed visual analysis of damages and other defects.

Our reports are designed to be easy to read and understand, providing clear explanations of the identified issues. Whether you’re a property owner, manager, or another stakeholder, our detailed facade reports equip you with the information necessary to make informed decisions about your property’s facade.

Our team of experts use the latest technology and techniques to capture high-quality images and data that provide an accurate and detailed picture of your facade’s condition.

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What Our
Clients Say
About Us

—Eric Thompson

“Jeff and his Team has conducted several Moisture Mapping Projects that have identified areas of concern that allowed our contractors to install a Restoration Solution that will exceed the Building Owners expectations.”

—Eric Thompson

—David DeForge

“Jeff is a true professional who takes great care to ensure that your evaluation and testing produce high-quality results. I highly recommend giving him a chance, Jeff stands out as a trustworthy and reliable partner.”

—David DeForge

—Robbie Lusa

“I couldn’t be happier with the results. The technician was very knowledgeable and the report provided after the inspection was very detailed and easy to understand. I highly recommend this service to anyone.”

—Robbie Lusa

—Kim Wilson

“Jeff was very responsive and helpful! His scan report was detailed and gave me all the information I needed to complete my current project. Highly recommend this company.”

—Kim Wilson

—Frank Louis-Jeune

“Working with Structura View was a fantastic experience. The report they provided precise measurements and offered insights that were crucial for making informed decisions. I highly recommend them for their top-notch service.”

—Frank Louis-Jeune

—David Young

“Jeff is great. Very experienced and knows what he is talking about. He spoke at our Drone Launch Academy event a few weeks ago. He gave a presentation on building inspections using thermal sensors on drones. Does great work.”

—David Young

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Each of the articles below comes with a downloadable PDF or video. These “How To” guides offer valuable insights for property managers, owners, professional contractors, and engineers, providing concise information on various topics to assist you in maintaining a healthy roof and budget.

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About Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland, nestled in Central Florida along Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando, stands as the vibrant heart of Polk County. With a population of 112,641 as of the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau release, it’s the most populous city and serves as the county seat.

As a principal city of the Lakeland–Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area, Lakeland boasts a rich history and diverse culture. Locals affectionately refer to it as the “Swan City,” owing to its abundant population of swans, descendants of two mute swans gifted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957. Notably, Lakeland holds the distinction of being the birthplace of Publix, a beloved supermarket chain.

The city’s roots date back to the 1870s, drawing European-American settlers from various states. Its growth accelerated in the 1880s with the introduction of rail service, attracting freedmen railway workers in 1883. Today, Lakeland thrives with opportunities in agriculture, citrus farming, cattle ranching, and phosphate industries. The city is also home to the picturesque 1,267-acre Circle B Bar Reserve, a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife alike.

Lakeland, situated in the Central Florida Highlands area of the Atlantic coastal plain, boasts a diverse landscape characterized by flatlands interspersed with gently rolling hills. Covering an area of 67 square miles, the city’s geography includes 38 named lakes, with Lake Parker being the largest at 2,550 acres. These lakes, including Lake Hollingsworth, Lake Morton, Lake Mirror, and Lake Gibson, serve as iconic landmarks and reference points for locals.

Lakeland experiences a humid subtropical climate, typical of most regions in Florida. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures often exceeding 90°F during the day and rarely dropping below 70°F at night. Afternoon thunderstorms are common during the summer months.

Winters are milder, characterized by dry and warm conditions with highs in the mid-70s and lows in the 50s. Cold snaps occasionally occur, resulting in temperatures below freezing, typically twice a year on average.


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