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Saving Money for Your Clients with Baseline Condition Assessment Reports

StormGuard Roof Assessment™ is an innovative service available in most cities & towns throughout the USA. Utilizing cutting-edge drone technology, we conduct visual and thermal condition assessments of your client’s roof to establish a baseline reference point before severe weather events and related storm damage occur.

This condition assessment serves two functions. First, it acts as a reference, allowing insurance adjusters to differentiate between pre-existing issues and damage caused by storms, thus streamlining the claims process. Second, it helps identify maintenance problems that may require attention.

Property owners are advised to consult with their insurance provider regarding proactive measures and baseline documentation necessary to facilitate the claims process. StormGuard Roof Assessment™ serves as a pre-damage record; compliance with insurance conditions remains the responsibility of the insured party.

Don’t Let Your Clients Get Caught with Inadequate Documentation

When submitting the inevitable insurance claim, Insurance companies need documentation. Documentation that insurance companies may ask for includes details of roofing materials, construction details, improvements, and pre-storm conditions.  

Insufficient and missing documentation will complicate the claims process. Property owners should maintain detailed records, including photographs, blueprints, reports, and maintenance records to support their claims effectively. StormGuard Roof Assessment™ report provides condition assessment supported by detailed infrared and visual imagery. 

Identify & Fix Maintenance Problems

StormGuard Roof Assessment™ also delivers a detailed assessment of maintenance issues that may affect your roof, including clogged drains, debris accumulation, and damaged membranes. These problems have the potential to magnify damage during heavy rainfall and high winds, posing risks such as water intrusion & structural compromise, even leading to roof collapse.

However, by fixing these issues before a storm, you can mitigate the risks associated with water intrusion and wind damage. Fixing current maintenance challenges, regardless of their size, helps protect your property and prolongs the life of your roof, ensuring sustained durability and performance over the long term.

Preventative Roof Repair

Moisture Intrusion Area Under Repair, Photo Captured by Structura View

RRO Registered Roof Observer

Delivering a Neutral, 3rd-Party Roof Assessment

We offer the unique advantage of acting as a third-party neutral observer throughout the assessment process. This impartial role ensures that the assessment is conducted with integrity and objectivity, free from any potential biases or conflicts of interest.

You have the option to receive the final report either as an evaluation from Structura View, acting as a neutral third-party observer, or as a white-labeled document.

Providing Insights Since 2015 

StormGuard Roof Assessment Report

Structura View offers a comprehensive range of building envelope and commercial roof testing, inspection, and consulting services. Since 2015, our consulting and inspection solutions have been trusted by roofing contractors, property managers, and insurance providers.  

Our reports provide valuable insights into roof and wall integrity, helping clients to save money by finding and fixing maintenance problems early, while also strengthening inevitable insurance claims. Notably, our StormGuard Roof Assessment™ has become a popular addition to our service offerings, further enhancing our commitment to delivering thorough and unbiased inspections. 

Don’t wait for the next storm before assessing your client’s roof—take advantage of our StormGuard Roof Assessment™ and offer this service to help safeguard your client’s investment today! 

Structura View Report

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Analytics Process


Our analytics process involves sophisticated algorithms and software tools that analyze the imagery and thermal data captured during aerial inspections.

Thermal Imaging

We combine advanced analytics with visual and thermal drone inspections to provide comprehensive assessments of building exteriors. Leveraging commercial drones, our non-destructive inspections cover both facades and roofs, ideal for large and complex structures.

Our advanced analytics extract valuable insights from the collected data, identifying patterns, detecting anomalies, and generating actionable reports. By integrating innovative technology with expert analysis, we ensure our clients receive accurate assessments of their property’s condition.

Through drone thermal inspections and aerial services, we access hard-to-reach areas, capturing high-resolution images and videos. This data enables rapid assessment of building envelope problems, facilitating effective solutions.

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—Eric Thompson

“Jeff and his Team has conducted several Moisture Mapping Projects that have identified areas of concern that allowed our contractors to install a Restoration Solution that will exceed the Building Owners expectations.”

—Eric Thompson

—David DeForge

“Jeff is a true professional who takes great care to ensure that your evaluation and testing produce high-quality results. I highly recommend giving him a chance, Jeff stands out as a trustworthy and reliable partner.”

—David DeForge

—Robbie Lusa

“I couldn’t be happier with the results. The technician was very knowledgeable and the report provided after the inspection was very detailed and easy to understand. I highly recommend this service to anyone.”

—Robbie Lusa

—Kim Wilson

“Jeff was very responsive and helpful! His scan report was detailed and gave me all the information I needed to complete my current project. Highly recommend this company.”

—Kim Wilson

—Frank Louis-Jeune

“Working with Structura View was a fantastic experience. The report they provided precise measurements and offered insights that were crucial for making informed decisions. I highly recommend them for their top-notch service.”

—Frank Louis-Jeune

—David Young

“Jeff is great. Very experienced and knows what he is talking about. He spoke at our Drone Launch Academy event a few weeks ago. He gave a presentation on building inspections using thermal sensors on drones. Does great work.”

—David Young

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