Introducing CAIR – Condition Assessment Interactive Review

Transform Complex Data into Clear Interactive Visuals, Making It Easy to See, Share, and Understand Your Roofing Assessments

Making Roofing Data Easy to See and Understand

Structura View is thrilled to introduce our latest analysis tool: the web-based Condition Assessment Interactive Review (CAIR). This online tool transforms how you see, interact with, and interpret critical roofing conditions and moisture data, bringing clarity to your roof maintenance projects.

CAIR - Condition Assessment Interactive Review
CAIR - Navigation

Easy-to-Use Interface

Easily toggle between various data layers such as RWS scanner data, core sample data, roof section data, and moisture outline data to get a comprehensive view of your building’s condition.

Holistic Data Visualization

Consolidates complex data into easy-to-view visual insights, making it easier for you and all stakeholders to understand the current state of your roof.

Holistic Moisture Data
Online Group Sharing

Group Collaboration

Easily facilitate collaboration by sharing a web link with stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page and fostering informed decision-making.

Give CAIR a Try Below!

Have fun exploring! Zoom in, zoom out, and toggle through each layer. Click on elements to activate interactive pop-ups for detailed data.

Try this link for the full-size version: CAIR Interactive Viewer (opens in a new browser tab).

Visualize Your Roofing Data

Small Structura View IconBenefit from having all of your roof’s visual data in one comprehensive layered view.

Small Structura View Icon“Show” and “Hide” easily the visual data so you can study and identify key issues from a variety of data sources.

Small Structura View IconVisualize your roof’s data to support strategic planning, empowering all stakeholders to easily be involved in making informed decisions.

Small Structura View IconVisualize year-over-year changes in moisture areas and roofing system damage.

Visualize Your Roofing Data

Year over year moisture changes

Time Studies Showing Moisture Progression Over Time

Different Ways to Use CAIR

Small Structura View IconHistorical Comparisons: Use to track changes in your Roof’s condition over time, helping you identify trends and make proactive maintenance decisions.

Small Structura View IconCollaboration: Send a simple link to share with stakeholders, facilitating better communication and collaboration on building projects.

Small Structura View IconProject Planning: Identify potential issues early and ensure all aspects of your building’s roof condition are accounted for.

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Structura View offers a comprehensive range of building envelope and commercial roof testing, inspection, and consulting services. Since 2015, our consulting and inspection solutions have been trusted by roofing contractors, property managers, and insurance providers.  

We provide a variety of report formats that offer valuable insights into the integrity of roofs, facades, and electrical systems. Our reports help clients save money by identifying and addressing maintenance problems early, while also strengthening inevitable insurance claims.

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