Commercial Real Estate Owners

Visual drone inspection of a historic building.
Visual drone inspection of a historic building.

Safer and more profitable commercial buildings

As a real estate owner, your attention is focused on safeguarding and maximizing the value of your commercial real estate investments. Your objective is to ensure that your properties are not just occupied and secure, but also appreciating in value to deliver returns for you and your stakeholders. As properties age, the need for ongoing maintenance and upgrades becomes crucial to maintain compliance and attractiveness.  

While tenants may alert you to immediate maintenance needs like plumbing or electrical issues, the real concern lies in identifying and addressing any underlying structural challenges that could pose a threat to your property’s integrity.  

Whether it’s the result of natural wear and tear or adverse weather conditions, your property’s roof, windows, facades, and sealants are susceptible to damage over time. Ignoring these issues or delaying necessary repairs can lead to safety risks and unpredictability within your buildings, ultimately impacting their marketability and overall asset performance. 

Better purchasing decisions

Decreased operating costs

Proactive problem detection

Faster reaction to damage

Fast and efficient commercial real estate drone inspections

Structura View saves commercial real estate owners time and money with a variety of building envelope consulting services. Our routine inspections can catch problems early. And once problems are detected, we investigate them in great detail. This allows you to take advantage of warranties and lower repair or operating costs.

Structura View’s capabilities are also useful when making a purchase or preparing for a sale. You’ll make better decisions that improve your profitability and maximize your commercial real estate portfolio.

Visual flyover of a residential condo.
Visual flyover of a residential condo.
Using Strutura View means healthier portfolios and happier tenants.
Welcome sign for a client residential apartment complex.
Welcome sign for a client residential apartment complex.

Building enclosure consulting services for commercial real estate owners

Routine Commercial Roof Inspections
Visual Drone Inspections
Drone Thermal Imaging and Scanning
Moisture Mapping for Roofing Systems
Detailed Roof Condition & Enclosure Reports
Construction Quality Assurance Observations 

Thermal drone scans of a CRE portfolio for sale reveals 53 leaking roofs

We partnered with a commercial real estate group who was looking to acquire a 53 building industrial facility, totaling 965,000 square feet in size. They suspected the buildings to have some roofing issues, but did not have a good grasp of what the conditions looked like. Roof repairs or remediation can be a costly consideration, enough to make or break a deal. In this case, the roofs were suspected to have some issues, but the extent was unclear. Since the property was in the due diligence phase of acquisition, we had a tight timeline and budget to work with.

To meet the clients’ needs, we performed a drone-based thermal scan completing all the field work in 1 night. We identified an estimate of 307,000 square feet of suspected moisture throughout the 53 roofs. With this information, they were able to renegotiate a more favorable purchase price factoring in the anticipated repair and replacement costs of the failed roof systems.

A visual and thermal aerial for a building enclosure report.
Thermal drone scan that highlights extensive moisture on a roof.
Protect your investment and increase your success in commercial real estate.