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Roof Performance
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Our Mission

At Structura View, our mission is to empower clients with precise, accurate condition assessments, enabling fact based decisions to optimize commercial roofs, facades, and electrical systems performance.


Routine or on-demand aerial drone surveys to uncover problems

On-roof investigations with moisture and damage testing

Detailed data collection for decision-making or insurance claims

A team of expert assessment consultants

As a building assessment consultant, Structura View provides routine or on-demand property scans. We use the latest in drone and testing technology along with physical inspections. Then, we deliver detailed reports that help stakeholders make better decisions and lower their operating costs.

A Structura View expert building enclosure consultant.
A Structura View employee performing building enclosure consulting services.
Jeff Carrillo of Structura View giving a building enclosure consulting talk.
Jeff Carillo of Structura View giving a building enclosure consulting talk.

Qualified and connected within the industry

Certified Thermographers
FAA Licensed Drone Operators
Corporations with Commercial Properties
Designations through The International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants
Roofing Contractors Associations Member
Roof and Sheet Metal Associations
International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants Member
The Structura View process is a comprehensive approach to protecting your most valuable assets.
A digitally-outlined roof scanned by a drone.
A digitally-outlined roof scanned by a drone

Routine or on-demand building scans that identify concerns

If a building enclosure issue is discovered, Structura View moves into an advanced investigation phase. We use thermal imaging, moisture meters, core sampling, and other tools to get the exact data necessary.

Detailed investigations and reporting that empower decision makers

A Structura View report contains everything a stakeholder needs to know about the property. Our reports can be used for RFP development, insurance claims, legal issues, purchasing decisions, and much more.

Example features of a Structura View interactive report.
A Structura View interactive report on a computer screen.
A moisture meter on a commercial roof.
A moisture meter on a roof.

Quality control as solutions are implemented, and beyond

As repairs or remediations are being made, Structura View can visit the site and ensure all proper procedures are being followed. We can also routinely inspect the finished product so you maintain warranty compliance.

Structura provides a full suite of building enclosure consulting services.

A layered thermal and visual image of a large commercial roof.
A visual and thermal stitched image of an industrial property.

Capabilities that save clients time and money

Routine Commercial Roof Inspections
Visual Drone Inspections
Drone Thermal Imaging and Scanning
Moisture Mapping for Roofing Systems
Detailed Roof Condition & Enclosure Reports
Construction Quality Assurance Observations 
Connect with Structura View and improve the health of your properties.