Zooming In: Helping Project Managers to Mange Their Projects.

An example of Structura View's building enclosure consulting technology.
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This is just one roof progress photo from a recent project. The zoomed-in image shows the level of detail our high-resolution cameras achieve.

the side-by-side image shows an example of one of the 44 images from our roof progress photo report. On the left is the raw image taken from the drone at 200 feet above ground. On the right is a zoomed-in perspective of the same image, highlighting the detail captured by our aerial camera.

Below is a high-resolution image capture for a roof progress photo report taken at 200′ above ground level.

Roof progress photo

Using the image above, here is a zoomed-in view of the same image, highlighting the level of detail achievable from the high-resolution image captures.

Roof progress photo zommed-in


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