Strategy Overview for this 20-Building Moisture Mapping Project

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What’s going on, everybody? We are up here on a roof today doing a moisture scan and pull testing. Fastener pool testing. we’re working with a school system, and this is a roughly 100,000 square foot set of roofs with maybe 15 or 16 different roof sections, and one of them are modified Bitumen with lightweight insulating concrete and EPS over a concrete deck. And then others are actually still to be determined.

But we are currently going through our verification process where we have selected different locations on the roof. This being one of them to do core samples, core 10 , where we’re doing testing to verify the roofs composition, verify by touch if there’s moisture present, do our moisture meter testing and then do our pool testing all in the same general areas.

And the goal is to provide the data to the school system that they need to determine what their next steps are with these roof systems.

If you guys ever have any questions about how this stuff works or what we do or why we do it, hit us up.


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