Protecting Commercial Roofs with Moisture Mapping

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Moisture mapping is a precise process that involves various techniques, tools, and validation methods to detect and confirm water damage. The resulting moisture map provides a highly accurate visual representation of moisture locations on your roof. These areas can be marked directly on the roof using temporary spray paint and outlined on a digital map. The mapped areas are delivered as part of a PDF management report. The visual clarity of the map simplifies understanding and greatly assists in various decision-making and repair processes.

Unlock the Benefits of Moisture Mapping for Repairs, Recommendations, and Routine Assessments

Moisture mapping empowers you to determine if a roof is in serviceable condition or requires repair, replacement, a roof-over, or coating. A professionally generated moisture map provides both the square footage of moisture damage and the total roof square footage along with moisture readings taken at strategic locations.

With this data at your fingertips, you can accurately estimate costs for fixing water damage issues, eliminate speculation, and costly change orders, providing a foundation for your budget or estimate.

If your roofing team is scheduled to be on-site within a few days, it’s crucial to have the moisture areas marked on the roof for immediate action. If there’s a wait period, ensure you have a comprehensive report with visual references, making it easy to locate these areas when the time is right.

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